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Inkwiry Connect


Connect with your world and your future.

Inkwiry Connect is a growing collection of digestible information and online experiences designed to help you broaden your understanding, shape your vision and develop essential knowledge and skills.

Finance Explained by Inkwiry

Get smarter about your money with just one email per week. The best part? It's completely free to sign up.

Finance Explained by Inkwiry is a weekly series that demystifies the language of finance and helps you get smarter about your money. Every week, Inkwiry delivers valuable insights and powerful financial life strategies in an easy-to-understand, bite-sized email. Ready to grow your financial knowledge and take control of your financial future? Finance Explained is a great place to start.

Personal Finance 101

In five hours or less, learn the language of finance along with concepts and strategies for a lifetime of smart money management, all in a gamefied experience.

Earn points and move up the ranks as you build your money skills and knowledge. In 10 brief, information-packed levels, you’ll gain essential personal finance skills and knowledge that you can use right now and for the rest of your life. Personal Finance 101 breaks it down into bite-size lessons, making it easy for anyone to learn about money.

Inkwiry's Personal Finance 101 course is included in all membership plans.

My Career Sketch

Spend just four hours in My Career Sketch, and learn a few smart moves that can help you add $100,000+ to your 15-year net worth.

My Career Sketch will jumpstart your career sketch and your financial life plan. With career sketching, you'll know exactly where your education, your career and your wealth will be 5, 10, 15 years from now, unlike those who leave their futures to chance, because you will write down your dreams and goals, make a plan to reach them and set your personal finance skills and knowledge into action. The smart moves you’ll learn will change the way you think about managing your money and your debt, and help you build a life you’ll love.

My Career Sketch is included in all membership plans.